Wednesday, Nov 29

OncoSil onboards first patient in PANCOSIL Clinical Trial

Melbourne, Australia – 29 November 2023: OncoSil Medical Ltd (ASX: OSL) (OncoSil or the Company), a medical device company focused on localised treatments for patients with locally advanced pancreatic cancer (LAPC), is pleased to announce that the first patient has been treated in the PANCOSIL Investigator Initiated Clinical Trial on 28 November 2023.

PANCOSIL is an Investigator Initiated Clinical Trial looking at the safety and feasibility of CT-guided percutaneous radionuclide therapy with the OncoSil™ device in patients with non-progressive locally advanced pancreatic cancer.

In all, 20 patients will be treated with the OncoSil™ device by percutaneous application over the course of the trial. This will, in turn, expand the available users who can deliver the OncoSil™ device.

Professor Doctor Martijn Meijerink said: “I am very excited that today we have been able to treat the first patient with OncoSil™ through a CT-guided percutaneous implantation procedure. This novel means of implantation of the OncoSil™ device has a number of potential advantages, such as the ability to more precisely place the radioactive microparticles within the pancreatic tumour in a simpler procedure, which can be performed by interventional radiologists many of whom are used to working with radionuclide therapies in the treatment of various malignant diseases.”

The Lead Investigator at Amsterdam UMC, Professor Marc Besselink said: “Today we set the first step in developing a more flexible approach to the OncoSil™ treatment by implanting the first patient using a percutaneous CT-guided approach. Eventually, we aim to give caregivers more flexibility to treat their patients with Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer with OncoSil™ as they will have the ability to select the route of administration of the device based on the tumour location, patient preference and the availability of different specialists within the multidisciplinary treatment team.”

OncoSil Medical CEO & Managing Director Nigel Lange said: “We are excited by news that the first patient has been treated in the PANCOSIL study. The recruitment of patients to this study represents another significant milestone in our efforts to commercialise the OncoSil™ device. We expect the results of the study will help us to develop an alternative technique for OncoSil™ implantation and provide flexibility for users. This and other outcomes emerging from the PANCOSIL study will open the way for an increased number of medical professionals to deliver the OncoSil™ device to patients with locally advanced pancreatic cancer.”